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Hood Beats

Hood Beats is a new way to experience music inside your welding helmet. The 2 external speakers create powerful bumping bass and rich sound quality without sacrificing a lot of weight. The 3000mah battery will last 15+ hours. Rechargeable using the provided micro USB cable. Will connect to any
smartphone via Bluetooth.

 Light weight, weighs 4-5oz.
 Powerful bass that can be felt throughout the hood.
 Loud, plays at 80-83DB.
 15+ hour battery life.
 50+ ft Bluetooth range.
 Micro USB rechargeable.
 Small profile that can fit almost anywhere, it does fit the speedglas with the adflo attachment.
 Dimensions 75mm x 45mm x 20 – 25mm

 You won't want to weld without it.

***Most shops have strict music policies, please be sure of yours before ordering. As we do not want anyone to get fired***
***Contains Lithium-ion batteries. Please see our Safety page for more information***

1) Will the metal dust destroy the speakers? - Not if installed correctly. The double sided tape that is on the face of the speaker will mount directly to the inside of your welding helmet. This creates a seal to protect the coils and magnet inside of the speaker.

2) OSHA - While these are not OSHA approved they do meet OSHAs noise decibel limit. Anything over 90DB OSHA says you have to wear ear plugs. We come in at 87-89DB. 

3) Can you still hear music with ear plugs in? - Yes! The way the speakers are mounted inside your welding hood creates a surround sound system on your head. The biggest safety feature is you can still hear your outside noise along with your music, (Fire alarm, Hi-lo, backup alarms, etc)

4) Weight and battery life - HB - 4/5 oz, 16+ hours, Hbreeze - 7oz, 10-12 hours, HS - 8oz, 8-10 hours. Our biggest thing is making sure they can get through an entire day without having to recharge.

5) Charging - Micro usb rechargeable. You can use the unit while charging. If you forget to charge it overnight we suggest getting an external phone battery pack/bank works perfect for quick on the go charges.