Hood Spider

Our Hood Spider is the ultimate add on to any welding helmet. It's dual woofers pack a powerful bass and clear sound quality to give you a surround sound experience inside of your hood. Simply sync it to your smart phone to enjoy your favorite playlist while welding. The dual remote fans allow you to place them
anywhere inside your hood to prevent fumes and smoke from entering and keeping your lens from fogging. The fan adjust speed screw allows you to control the airflow to get the most out of them on the hot summer days. With a 6000mah battery, it last 8-10 hours running the woofers and fans at 12v. Total
weight is just under 8oz.
85mm x 65mm x 20-28mm

*** Turning up the fan speed will drain the battery quicker. 10+ hours based on 12-13v.***
***Not made to replace a respiratory system***
***Contains Lithium ion batteries. Please see our Safety page for more information***

1) Will the metal dust destroy the speakers? - Not if installed correctly. The double sided tape that is on the face of the speaker will mount directly to the inside of your welding helmet. This creates a seal to protect the coils and magnet inside of the speaker.

2) OSHA - While these are not OSHA approved they do meet OSHAs noise decibel limit. Anything over 90DB OSHA says you have to wear ear plugs. We come in at 87-89DB.

3) Can you still hear music with ear plugs in? - Yes! The way the speakers are mounted inside your welding hood creates a surround sound system on your head. The biggest safety feature is you can still hear your outside noise along with your music, (Fire alarm, Hi-lo, backup alarms, etc)

4) Weight and battery life - HB - 4/5 oz, 16+ hours, Hbreeze - 7oz, 10-12 hours, HS - 8oz, 8-10 hours. Our biggest thing is making sure they can get through an entire day without having to recharge.

5) Charging - Micro usb rechargeable. You can use the unit while charging. If you forget to charge it overnight we suggest getting an external phone battery pack/bank works perfect for quick on the go charges.